Authenticity—genuine and unapologetic

A respected travel and hospitality expert, Anthony Melchiorri has been featured in various noteworthy publications worldwide. He has received overwhelmingly favorable reviews as the host of the Travel Channel’s top-rated ‘Hotel Impossible’ and as a business and hospitality consultant.

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Anthony Melchiorri Press Mentions
Hotel Impossible’ Success Stories

“Hotels that experience a turnaround can’t rest on their laurels or they will slide back to the challenges of the past. I believe that the owners and teams at these properties don’t want to do that. They are hungry now to become the best they can be.”

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The “Shark Tank” Effect: Why Biz-Focused Reality TV is Booming

Travel Channel’s “Hotel Impossible,” in which struggling hotels receive extensive makeovers courtesy of veteran hotel operator Anthony Melchiorri, has consistently ranked among the network’s top five shows.

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Cedar City Draws High Praise from “Hotel Impossible” Crew

“Travel is about spirit, and Cedar City embodies that spirit of travel.”

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Why You Need to Buy Your Holiday Airline Tickets Now

Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. Travel expert Anthony Melchiorri weighs in on what you need to do, now.

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A Candid Conversation with Anthony Melchiorri

“Time is running out – you only have 4 days – and there are things you don’t know. You have to deal with those issues in order to save the hotel.”

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How Hotels are Saving the Environment (and, OK, Money Too)

“Green may not be the first thing you think about when booking a hotel…”

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Mexico's New Wave of All-Inclusive Resorts

“People don’t eat the way they used to. People don’t want to stuff themselves anymore. Now all-inclusives know to impress you with healthy ingredients.”

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Millennials, Use Your Vacation Days And Don't Be Vacation-Shamed

“Traveling in your twenties is essential, you’re the freest you’ll ever be.”

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Anthony Melchiorri of 'Hotel Impossible' dishes on trashy hotels, travel tips and Trump

“Go online to third party websites and look at the terrible comments first but you have to pay attention to the details surrounding them such as…”

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