A hospitality industry expert, Anthony Melchiorri brings over 20 years of hospitality industry expertise to Travel Channel as the host of “Hotel Impossible” and “Five Star Secrets.” Melchiorri has a proven track record of understanding a company’s vision and bringing its individual parts together to create a well-run profit machine.
Anthony Melchiorri Debuts Season 6 of Travel Channel’s "Hotel Impossible"

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  • All businesses are built on systems. In hotels, it’s maintenance, housekeeping and service. No matter what your business is, the systems are still maintenance, housekeeping and service.
  • If you’re the leader, your first job is to define reality. Your last job is to kiss everybody goodnight and say thank you. The rest of the time, you’re just one of the employees.
  • All businesses are built on systems. In hotels, it’s maintenance, housekeeping and service. No matter what your business is, the systems are still maintenance, housekeeping and service.
  • Potential not experience is the most important factor in hiring.
  • Sometimes Winning Means Shouting, Sometimes It Means Crying, Sometimes It Means Knowing When to Shut Up. But It Always Means, Never Losing.
  • I love the motto: Offer no excuses and accept no excuses. It tells you a lot about someone who makes excuses, and tells you a lot about someone who refuses to.


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Anthony Melchiorri has been the keynote speaker across the country at franchised national conventions, regional events, colleges and university campuses and in intimate settings with select groups sharing his passion for quality, excellence and determination. With a background in an industry that never closes, he brings a different perspective that can entertain, enlighten and energize any event and those in attendance.

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Speaking Engagements

Chicago, IL
Davidson Hotels and Resorts
Annual Leadership Conference

Eaton, PA
Discover Lehigh Valley
2013 Annual Meeting

Miami Beach, FL
Interval International
15th Annual Shared Ownership Investment Conference

Orlando, FL
Red Roof Franchising, LLC
Red Roof Inn 2013 Brand Conference

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“Anthony Melchiorri’s passion for the hotel industry is palpable. He has amassed an incredible collection of stories and lessons through his twenty year journey in the hospitality industry that he masterfully delivers with humor and emotion. Students were riveted by his performance and inspired by his endless energy and love of his trade. Anthony’s willingness to share his time and wisdom with future generations of hoteliers is commendable and important.”

“Let me say that it was such an honor and a privilege to have you speak at our annual Leadership Conference in Chicago. Hearing your stories and experiences throughout your time spent in the hospitality industry was not only entertraining but inspiriting for all of us as well...”
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“Think of Anthony Melchiorri as a capeless crusader for ailing hotels, swooping into troubledproperties and conjuring cures.”

“Have you watched the new reality TV series, Hotel Impossible, yet? It's addictive.”

“If you want a crash course on just how incredibly detail-oriented you must be to run a good hotel, just watch Hotel Impossible.”

“Anthony Melchiorri doesn't mess around when it comes to hotels. He's been all over the world and worked in the hotel industry for more than 20 years, and after all of that time, he knows how to spot what's wrong with a hotel from the second he walks in. He also knows how to put it right. And that's what he does in his new series for Travel Channel. Hotel Impossible…”

“When hotels go wrong, Anthony Melchiorri's 'Hotel Impossible' puts things right.”

“Anthony Melchiorri isn't a TV personality doing a hotel show. He's a hotel guy doing a TV show. His resume and approach on camera make that clear from the first episode of “Hotel Impossible”…


“Travel Channel makes room for turnaround pro Anthony Melchiorri and 'Hotel Impossible'”

“Melchiorri also speaks or, rather, lectures viewers, hotel owners and workers in a blunt "I've seen it all" style not unlike Donald Trump's. Although Melchiorri projects a certain head-shaven intensity, he never erupts into angry obscenity like Ramsay or struts with Trump's ridiculously pompous self-regard. He is, in short, a patient teacher and a good manager, someone who recognizes and nurtures talent and potential. You'll walk away from the show wishing you had a boss like him.”

“Anthony Melchiorri takes no prisoners when it comes to the hotel business. As the star of Travel Channel's new Hotel Impossible, he's equal parts interior designer, marketer, and no-nonsense business consultant for various establishments that are on their way to the hospitality morgue. Armed with a considerable and prestigious history as a noted hotelier - as well as an obviously deep well of ambition and vision for the future - he takes viewers along for the ride as he overhauls all aspects of a number of hotel horrors and invests the time to take them fromvacancy to va-va-voom.”


Argeo Hospitality

An Anthony Melchiorri Company is uniquely qualified to provide you with the assistance you need to overcome obstacles. Our nationally recognized honest approach - which is both direct and sincere - will help you solve those intractable problems you now face. By becoming your partner, whether you are developing a project or repositioning it, we will be there with you as long as necessary to ensure you are equipped with the necessary tools and our industry expertise to achieve your desired results. Every problem is merely an obstacle to be overcome and together we can do just that.


Revenue Management


  • A focus that serves all types of Hotels and Resorts
  • Systems for optimizing prices to manipulate Market Mix for optimal revenue generation
  • Partnership with the Property to achieve Market Share and Revenue Expectations


  • Review of Market Data and Competitive Rate Shops
  • Review of Production, Pricing and Pace for areas of opportunity
  • Analysis of Strategy, Room Statistic and Demand Factors


  • Develop and Monitor Sales and Pricing Strategies
  • Weekly Detailed Revenue Management meetings to direct: Pricing, E-Commerce, Distribution Channels, Comp Set Pricing Review and Group Pace
  • Drive Bookings through Web Booking Engine, GDS, CRS and PMS Systems

Brand Development

Something new always starts with a vision that inspires others to follow. Argeo Hospitality believes in your vision and will work with you to ensure its success by fleshing out your particular concept and helping you implement it.

  • Your brand is your Calling Card and it is the reason your customers choose you. Who are you? Why do you exist? If people can't readily answer these questions, your brand is suffering. We can help you clarify and communicate what your brand is and underscore your vision.
  • Your vision is to have a single message that resonates. Our team will review the information systems you employ to ensure that message supports your vision. Public relations efforts, printed and digital collateral, your marketing and media pieces, review of your vanity website as well as both interior and exterior advertising are just some of the areas we analyze as part of our strategic review. Having your information working in unison to support your image is crucial.
  • Your identity is paramount to building a connection with your customer base. Through your collateral, people touch your business before they visit you in person. Have you been able to clearly differentiate yourself among your competitors and separate yourself from them?
  • Whatever your mission statement may be -- we will assist you by focusing in on the components that support and help execute that component of your pyramid.

Sales & Marketing

One of the critical functions of your sales and marketing team is to develop strategies that will result drive a larger market share of your targeted business to you. Many companies have a reasonably effective sales effort in place - but few have the creativity needed to break down each market segment and develop a strategy to achieve a shift in their favor.

Argeo Hospitality will:

  • Assess your team and its plan
  • Ensure there are short term corrective actions in place while working on long term solutions
  • Evaluate your sales office and the sales offices of your competition
  • Break down the various market segments and enact a plan for each one
  • Review and evaluate your standing within the comp set and devise a plan that takes advantage of all your opportunities

Operations Review

You have invested in your brand and are marketing yourself successfully. Once your customers arrive - does your operation support the image you worked to convey? Will you allow your reputation to be dictated by mediocrity at the operations level?

Our firm and personnel have the know how and national recognition to build and or turn around failing venues and reposition them for success.

  • We conduct a thorough Investigative stay analysis of your facility to identify known and unknown strengths and weakness
  • Investigate and define your competitors strategic differences to give you advantages from a vantage point developed over in multiple markets
  • Forensic review of your team and their methods to identify capabilities and resources that may be untapped and identify necessary adaptations that can correct deficiencies.
  • We can review your product for quality with a nationally recognized style that breaks down and exposes the heart of the house to strengthen it moving forward
  • Our team can stress test your operation to identify faults before circumstances arise so that you can train, develop and overcome future challenges.
  • Our expert review of your facility through methods employed at dozens of venues will yield a blue print that will help create a path toward success and the attainment of your goals for the property.
Revenue Management
Brand Development
Sales & Marketing
Operations Review